Jul 292009
Today we had a 2 hour tour of Coleshill and the estate. (Pictures of this tour can be seen here)

I should point out that these tours are not available to the general public so please do not bombard the Coleshill office with requests.

We met Keith the Estate Manager and he was very warm and welcoming. We started by viewing the guards office before heading on to view some of the stable blocks where the admin staff and officers worked.

Amazingly the names are still on the doors of each room. We then went to meet the resident of the Clockhouse who again was very friendly and gave us coffee. Whilst there we also met another resident who was concerned about us drawing attention to the village and site as they are keen to keep to quiet for the tennants. We told her we would do all we could to reduce the amount of people trying to gain access to the site and have made changes to the website inline with this.

We then walked around the foundations of the house which is now a lovely garden. It suprised us just how small the footprint of the house was, bearing in mind the size of the grounds etc.

Keith then escorted us through the woods to the site of the training bunker or OB. Again I should point out that most of the Coleshill site is private property and not accessable to the public and this area is no exception. Please do not try and find this bunker as it’s locked and you will not be able to gain entry.

He took us inside and told us all about it. Read more on the Bunkers page

We ended the trip with a quick look at the ammo dump building located in some nearby woods.

The trip really brought alive the history and research we had been so carefully working through and it has spured us on with the project.

Tom & Paula

 Posted by CART HQ on July 29, 2009