Dec 152019

It has been a sad end to 2019 as we have had to say goodbye to two of the very few remaining Auxiliary Unit veterans.

Peter Potter (Fingringhoe Patrol, Essex) – passed away in October. Not only was Peter in the Auxiliary Units with his father, he later joined the RAF as a Rear Gunner in Lancaster bombers of 626 Squadron. Peter was a great story teller and his tales live on in the book “Tales of Peter Potter”.

And today we have heard of the sad passing of Claude Varley (Bewholme Patrol, Yorkshire) – – who passed away this morning. Claude was a farmer who joined the patrol with his two brothers.

These two brave men represent some of the very last Auxiliers we knew to still be with us.

It is now more important than ever that we ensure that their memory and what they were willing to sacrifice for their country is never forgotten.

 Posted by CART HQ on December 15, 2019