Mar 202013

Admiralty 1 Patrol 1943 to 44When war was declared a section of the Admiralty headquarters were moved to Bath. Initially scattered around the city making use of requisitioned hotels, they eventually moved into more suitable locations such as at Fox Hill and purpose built military hutments at Ensleigh, Landsdown Road.

There were five Admiralty patrols, Number 1 at Kelston Park, 2 at Langridge, 3 at Warminster Road, 4 at Prior Park and 5 at Newton Park, Newton St. Loe.

All five Admiralty Patrols were recruited from those working for the Admiralty so there was a high turn over of patrol members as men were posted elsewhere through work.

Nina Hannaford, CART CIO for Devon has now added a patrol report to the site on Admiralty 1 Patrol. It can be seen here