Apr 282013

Parham-blogYesterday various CART members and researchers attended a special day at the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation at Parham Airfield in Suffolk.

The museum volunteers opened especially for us and were very helpful.

The museum has had a complete make over since CART was last there in 2011 and the new cabinets really help display all the donated items from original training manuals to booby traps and guns.

CART CIO for Yorkshire Andy Gwynne discovered some real gems of information in the museums archive and later said ‘A great day had, meeting old and new friends and seeing the Museum dedicated to the memory of the Aux Units.’ 

Richard Ashley

Weapons expert Richard Ashley (left) displayed a large collection of his most amazing weapons, many of which were used by members of the Resistance.

Auxilier Don Handscombe from Thundersley Patrol came along and was met by Aux writer and expert John Warwicker.

CART’s Press Officer Andy Chatterton was also impressed with the range of items and the full size replica Operational Base which can be entered at ground level.

CART Founder and Webmaster Tom Sykes had an important meeting with the museum’s management about future co-operation and partnering on events and research.

A full gallery of images from the day can be seen here 

The Museum is well worth a visit. More info can be seen here.

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