Oct 182011

This clip has been sent to me and it’s from an episode of Dad’s Army.

In it you can hear the guys talking about a “Home Guard Commando Unit” could they be talking about the Aux Units?

See it below.

  2 Responses to “Are ‘Dad’s Army’ Talking About The Auxiliary Units?”

  1. Priceless, always a joy to watch and never fails to amuse no matter how many times you watch them….Very interesting scene though……

  2. There was much discussion at the time of the use of the HG, and the possibility of some HG operating as commando units. Nothing like the CH groups, but rather, if invaded, units that were overrun would reform as guerrila units to harass the Germans. Since the HG were controlled locally, and often ignored the desires of the government in London, most anything became the normal. My understanding is that the HG often was give great latitude do the the very political nature of the movement. It appears the HG, having formed itself, was never under strict control of the regular army.

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