Sep 262012

Tonight at 6:30pm on BBC2 is a programme called ‘How We Won The War’ presented by Jules Hudson.

‘In this episode local historian John Sadler meets Jules to reveal the story of the Home Guard’s Auxiliary units.’

Well they have already got it wrong by mentioning the Home Guard!!! Will the BBC ever read the research on our site and others before reporting!!!

This is an extract of what is in the episode,

“The units were highly trained in a radical defence strategy – the idea being that they would hold up Germans on the beaches should the Nazis invade Britain.

Men were selected from those prevented to going to war because their occupations were reserved. They’d then be organised into small, cover units which it’s believed, were issued with kill lists – identifying known German sympathisers. They were trained in how to sabotage and create mayhem behind enemy lines.

John explains how secreting the men deep in Britain’s countryside, and if necessary killing British citizens was revolutionary – and ‘dark stuff’.

The men had to keep their role secret from their families and girlfriends, and were told that their life expectancy should Germans invade would be no more than 14 days. Amongst the recruits was renowned actor Anthony Quayle.

By 1941, there were some 5,000 auxiliaries poised to tackle any German invasion – brave young men determined to help us win the war – whatever the cost.”

More info here

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