Jun 152021

The CART Blog has closed down… however, an end is just a beginning. As part of our modernisation project, your main point of Auxiliary Units reference is the new website at www.staybehinds.com

The digital world changes and so does the support for the software that runs it. The Google software that sends out the Blog notifications is being retired in the coming months, and the Blog software itself is end of life. As such, we have made the difficult decision to close the CART Blog.

Social Media (SM) such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have become the most popular way of interaction outside the website.

We encourage our subscribers, friends and followers to engage with us through Social Media. You can read our SM posts without an account, but for those without SM accounts but who wish to comment on posts, you can contact us by email at hq@coleshillhouse.com

The Blog has been active for 12 years, in that time there’s been over 850 posts and much useful feedback.

Thank you for your understanding. Onward !

 Posted by CART HQ on June 15, 2021