Jun 222015

Alan Open dayAlan Stewart, our Aberdeenshire CIO took part in a special open day at the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre yesterday.

Alan met a few Aux relatives including Alison Smith who provided us with the Grange Patrol diary.
Alan saw a steady stream of people over the day and a lot of people remember the names of Auxiliers from the local area.
Quite a few people thought the Auxiliary Units were the same as the Home Guard so Alan spent a bit of time explaining the difference.
Alan gave a powerpoint presentation and showed some of our research.

  One Response to “BRA at Fraserburgh Heritage Centre Open Day”

  1. A unique information folder relating to the Fraserburgh & District (and Banffshire) activities of the Auxiliary Units has been established at Fraserburgh Heritage Centre – a result of Alan Stewart’s presentation.
    Visitors can read the Folder contents in the Reference Library (WW2 Folder 3).
    It makes fascinating reading!
    INVITATION: If you have additional information on the subject (with reference to Fraserburgh) your contribution is most welcome.

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