Sep 132012

We have added two more Auxiliary Unit Patrols in Norfolk to our site.

Carleton St. Peter where little information is known about the patrol other than their names and Narford Patrol.

If you can provide anymore info on these patrols please contact us.

  One Response to “Carleton St. Peter and Narford Patrols Added”

  1. Just informed Mr Debages Grandson of his Grandfathers involvement in the Carleton St Peter Patrol, he and his family had no idea and are proud that they had this man as father and grandfather, I am still looking for the OB no luck yet but tying to understand objectives and geographical advantages to guide me into location, locally the OB is beloved to have excised but there remains a vale of secrecy with the older population, One thing is confirmed i am assured it has never been demolished. The hunt continues. One bit of info is that Private William Ernest Symonds address was GT Yarmouth, actually was in temporary ward ? of Mrs Wright, they owned Hall Farm Carleton St Peter, this fits well, cant understand why he was ward or a carpenter working at a farm? Debage was in the Bergapten Home Guard, I have found a concreate housing for a spigot mortar on a junction of the main road leading off to carleton St Peter.