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On Saturday June 29th we celebrated our fourth birthday.

It all started with a chance trip to Coleshill in June 2009 when our founder Tom Sykes drove past the estate with his then girlfriend and now wife Paula.

Paula mentioned to Tom that the estate was used for clandestine activity during the war and he was hooked.

Tom set up a small website to collate the research he was uncovering and with the help of the late Keith Blaxhall and Auxilier Bob Millard, CART was born.

Over the months that followed other historians started finding the website and soon a network was formed and the name CART (Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team) was decided upon.

Over the last 4 years we have launched an Archaeological survey of the GHQ at Coleshill called ‘Coleshill Uncovered’.

We have taken part in the Langton Matravers Auxiliary Unit Memorial Plaque Presentation.

Understanding the importance of preserving Operational Bases, we launched ‘Operation Turnip’, a project to restore a real Operational Base in Kent.


In 2011 we created a unique film on the Welsh resistance for the Abergavenny Museum and published ‘Gone to Ground‘, the only known novel by an Auxilier. The Coleshill Reborn project was also launched which investigated the tunnel system under Coleshill House and produced a full set of CAD technical drawings of Coleshill House and the outbuildings.

We have also organised many events, most notably at Tottington Manor, the regional Aux training HQ in Sussex. This saw Sussex Intelligence Officer Captain Ian Benson, return after 70 years and talk for the first time to the public about his top secret work.

This November we are organising the march for the British Resistance contingent on Armistice Day at the Cenotaph. It will be the first time members of the Auxiliary Units have marched and is a very important day for Auxiliers as they have never had official recognition by the British government. – See more here.

Our website now contains more than 630 pages of research and has seen over 200,000 visitors. Our research has attracted TV, radio and national press attention.

We are always looking for new volunteers and researchers to help expand our knowledge and resources.

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  1. Impressive when you read through our achievements – proud to be part of the Team – and we aren’t done yet.

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