Aug 152014
Dr Will Ward - CART Dorset

Dr Will Ward – CART Dorset

Dr Will Ward, Our CIO (County Information Officer) for Dorset will be attending the Dorchester Military Tattoo tomorrow with a small stand on research into the British Resistance in Dorset. You can find out more about this event on their Facebook page here.

Will will also be taking part in the RAF Warmwell Memorial Weekend on Sunday 31st August. You can see more about this event here. 

If you would like any more info or to ask Will any questions, please do email

Please do pop along and support the events if you can.

  One Response to “CART Dorset Display Dates Announced”

  1. My Uncle Lewis Downton was a member of the Wrackleford Patrol of The Auxiliaries. I have been writing an article on his life for The Dorset Magazine which will be published in November. Two cousins who were his executors have in their possession his lapel badge which I have photographed for my article, and most importantly, the faded but entirely legible “most secret ” orders issued in 1942 concerning what they had to do in the event of an invasion.Maybe you have already seen a copy but if not I am sure that my cousins would let you look at this document and photocopy it if you wished. Just a thought.
    David Downton

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