Jun 152021

The CART Blog has closed down… however, an end is just a beginning. As part of our modernisation project, your main point of Auxiliary Units reference is the new website at www.staybehinds.com

The digital world changes and so does the support for the software that runs it. The Google software that sends out the Blog notifications is being retired in the coming months, and the Blog software itself is end of life. As such, we have made the difficult decision to close the CART Blog.

Social Media (SM) such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have become the most popular way of interaction outside the website.

We encourage our subscribers, friends and followers to engage with us through Social Media. You can read our SM posts without an account, but for those without SM accounts but who wish to comment on posts, you can contact us by email at hq@coleshillhouse.com

The Blog has been active for 12 years, in that time there’s been over 850 posts and much useful feedback.

Thank you for your understanding. Onward !

 Posted by CART HQ on June 15, 2021
Mar 272021

Unfortunately we are seeing more unscrupulous people palming things off purporting to have Auxiliary Units links. These people will stop at nothing to take your money.

We have seen it with fake Stand-Down badges, and recently a knife. If you have ANY doubts or would like a second opinion, PLEASE contact us first so that we can use our collective knowledge and experience to determine the likelihood of authenticity. It only takes a quick email to save heartache and also your pocket.

Don’t let them get away with your money or using the memory of these brave men and women of the Auxiliary Units to line their own pockets illicitly.

It’s not just well-known online bidding and shopping sites, but also official-looking auction-houses that are up to these scams. If in doubt, give us a shout !

 Posted by CART HQ on March 27, 2021
Jan 072021

CART’s Andy Chatterton returns to talk with the ‘History Hack’ ladies – this time it’s about the Special Duties side of Auxiliary Units – this was the civilian spy network that was put in place to report enemy troop movements once the country had been overrun by the Nazis.

Listen to the podcast here: https://historyhack.podbean.com/e/317-history-hack-nazi-invasion-the-special-duties-branch/

 Posted by CART HQ on January 7, 2021
Dec 212020

As 2020 draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and supporters.

CART along with the National Trust at Coleshill have installed a memorial plaque to Auxiliary Units in the carpenter’s yard. Coleshill Estate was their General Headquarters and training camp.


All best wishes from the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team. Here’s to a better year.


 Posted by CART HQ on December 21, 2020
Nov 122020

Lance Corporal George Henry Bloomfield (www.staybehinds.com/george-henry-bloomfield) has been posthumously awarded the Defence Medal (October this year).

The Family is rightly very proud. George was part of the St. Keverne Operational Patrol (www.staybehinds.com/patrol/st-keverne-patrol) based on the Lizard Peninsular. CART pointed the family in the right direction for how to claim.

St. Keverne, Lizard Peninsular, Cornwall


Nov 072020

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2. As Remembrance Day events are cancelled due to Covid, we take time to remember those that were involved with Auxiliary Units.

Whilst each person’s entry on our website is a personal memorial in itself, we have created a new page highlighting the increasing number of Memorials, Plaques and Information Boards dotted around the country.

Please take a few moments to explore the page and see what Auxiliary Memorials might be near you. We are aware that most of them are in southern England and Wales. We would love to see more recognition throughout the whole of Britain: www.staybehinds.com/memorials-connected-auxiliary-units

Of course, YOU might know of more memorials, plaques, information boards, or local features that have Aux links that we are unaware of. We’d love to hear of more and add them to our site !

We may have our social interactions curtailed this year, but we can take a virtual tour instead – Remembering Auxiliary Units: www.staybehinds.com/memorials-connected-auxiliary-units

Pictured below are Auxiliers Trevor Miners (Perranporth Patrol) and Peter Potter (Fingringhoe Patrol) at the Cenotaph March 2015, stood in front of the Tank Regiment statue at Whitehall.

Whitehall was the first HQ for Auxiliary Units.



Nov 032020

Pelynt village (near Looe) in Cornwall is the latest place to erect a memorial to Auxiliary Units. The memorial was unveiled in spring, but due to the virus there was not the turn-out hoped for. The memorial has been placed outside Pelynt village hall at a specially prepared seating area.

what3words: https://what3words.com/pelting.handfuls.finishers

CART was also planning to attend with our large multi-award winning display of Auxiliary Units equipment and information. We will do this when we are allowed our freedom back and it is safe to do so.

Thanks goes to John Jolliff for being such a force in bringing the history of these brave men and women to his community by way of his many informative talks. Thanks also to Mary Talbot for her organizational skills and this photograph of the memorial.

Find out more about the Pelynt Patrol: https://www.staybehinds.com/patrol/pelynt-patrol

Oct 092020

CART’s Press Officer Andy Chatterton talks with the History Hack ladies all about Auxiliary Units. History Hack is a fantastic online history resource that engages knowledgeable speakers about all aspects of history. You can find Andy’s Podcast here: https://historyhack.podbean.com/e/235-history-hack-the-british-resistance-in-ww2/

Many thanks to History Hack !

They can also be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HackHistory2020

Aug 222020

More information up on our new site on the Special Duties section.

This time about a Father and Daughter team, George and Mollie Phillips https://www.staybehinds.com/mollie-doreen-phillips


Mollie was a pre-war Olympic skater and by all accounts quite a character! From this new information we have also discovered for the first time that they operated from separate ‘hides’.

If anyone in the Carmarthenshire area has any information we would love to hear from you! www.staybehinds.com