Jul 282016

Taunton Auxiliary Unit Patrol 22

After months of detailed research by Chris Perry and Nina Hannaford we are pleased to be able to publish a report on the Taunton Auxiliary Unit.

This is the most accurate and detailed account of the patrol ever published. Our thanks go to many people who helped with this report including Neil Bent son and nephew of Group Commanders Lt. Bent.

Apr 032016

Baltonsborough Auxiliary Unit - 9We have added two detailed reports to our website by our Somerset researcher Chris Perry, with assistance from our Devon researcher Nina Hannaford.

The Butleigh Patrol was already on the website but has been greatly enhanced and expanded on. The Baltonsborough Patrol is new and the depth of research by Chris is just first rate.
See the reports under Somerset Group 11 here.

Feb 022016

Tawstock Auxiliary Unit Patrol 4Today we have added a very detailed report on the Tawstock Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Devon.

The report has been compiled by Nina Hannaford, our Devon CIO with help by our Somerset Researcher, Chris Perry.

The report provides great insight into the men behind the patrol, their training and targets, not to mention a very unusual Operational Base.

Dec 072015
Auxilier William “Austin” Whetham from East Coker Patrol.

Auxilier William “Austin” Whetham from East Coker Patrol.

Our team have made patrol report updates to the following reports recently in Lincolnshire and Hampshire:
South Kelsey, Lincolnshire
Hatcliffe Patrol, Lincolnshire
Butterwick Patrol, Lincolnshire
Friskney Patrol, Lincolnshire
Crowland Patrol, Lincolnshire
Langrish Patrol, Hampshire

Also three new patrols from Hampshire and
Somerset have been added:

Baddesley Patrol, Hampshire
Chandlers Ford Patrol, Hampshire
East Coker Patrol, Somerset

 Posted by CART HQ on December 7, 2015
Jul 192015

Farringdon is a small village 6 miles east of Exeter. This patrol report has been produced by our Devon CIO Nina Hannaford.

The patrol utilised the existing structure of Farringdon House Ice House for their Operational Base.

Farringdon Auxiliary Unit 6It is possible that the “entrance” has been created post war as the blocks appear damaged at the sides. If the block wall was complete, thus sealing off the original entrance passageway to the Ice House leaving only the tunnel, this would make escape more viable.

Read Nina’s full and fascinating patrol report.

Jul 192015

A lake or pond has been mentioned in a few new accounts of training at GHQ Coleshill. Auxiliers used this at night to get across. Having reviewed the whole estate and maps we feel this is the location they used.


 Posted by CART HQ on July 19, 2015