Feb 152013


Each year the Home Guard and Bevin Boys are represented on Remembrance Sunday and march past the Cenotaph on Whitehall.

CART feels strongly that members of the British Resistance should also be represented separately to the Home Guard.

The British Legion have said they would welcome a letter from CART informing them about our proposal and why we feel the Auxiliers and members of the SDS should be remembered.

We would ask you all to write a short email outlining why you feel the Aux Units should be remembered.

An example of this letter can be seen below. Please use it as a template to expand on rather than copying and pasting it.

Mr.Alan G Purdie, The Royal British Legion, c/o British Resistance Archive Cenotaph Campaign.

Dear Mr Purdie,

I write on behalf of all of the Auxiliers and members of the British Resistance movement who are not able to speak for themselves.

A campaign has begun to help recognise the British Resistance (Auxiliary Units) and Auxiliers at the Cenotaph each November just as the Bevin Boys and Home Guard are remembered.

The Auxiliary Units played a major part in the Second World War on the Home Front just as much as any other Branch, Regiment or Service. To this day they remain unrecognised by the Government due to the secret nature of their work.

So, I write to you on behalf of all those who served in the Auxiliary Units and wider British Resistance to ask for your support with this campaign and to allow a select group of surviving Auxiliers and their relatives to march each year at the Cenotaph.

We thank you for your time.

Yours Faithfully,

then please email to Andy Gwynne auxpoppymarch@gmail.com or you can post it to the following address

Cenotaph Campaign
47 Knowlands,

We will then forward all letters to the British Legion along with one from the right honourable Justin Tomlinson MP.

If you would like to march next year please also indicate this to us on a separate piece of paper along with all your contact details.

Thank you.

Thanks to Thomas Williamson for the first draft of the letter.