Jun 272016

Chirnside 1 Special Duties Branch Out Station 5

Today we have added an extensive update to the previous report on the Special Duties Branch hidden radio hide codenamed ‘Chirnside 1‘.

Thanks to the very kind new owners our team were allowed in to record this most rare of top secret WW2 locations.

Take a video tour inside the hide, hidden under an outside privy, and read the full report here. 

Our thanks to Dr Will Ward, Martyn Allen, Nina Hannaford and Chris Perry for their cracking work to get this online.

  2 Responses to “‘Chirnside 1’ – Bewley Down Special Duties Out Station Update”

  1. It was about 3 years ago that I brought a small group of enthusiasts to visit your interesting WW 2 Bunker which was much enjoyed by all..

    I am involved with various local groups with visits to the many Devon historic sites including the Membury History Society – The Exeter Redcoat Guides – The Axe Vale History Society etc. .

    Do you still offer Guided Tours of the WW2 Bunker, please?

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