Oct 282012

This event was held on October 27th 2012 at Langton Matravers Memorial Hall, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset.

Peter White, son of the Sgt Fred White of the Langton Matravers Auxiliary Unit worked hard to arrange a memorial plaque to the patrol. The stone was unveiled by Mrs Valerie Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset in a service which lasted just over 20 minutes.

Peter White opened the presentation by saying a few words about his father and the patrol. He then handed over the Lieutenant Colonel Ian Vaughan-Arbuckle (Retd) who provided the full background to the Auxiliary Units and the bravery that showed during WW2.

Martyn Dallenger (son of Patrol member Maurice) then spoke about his father and his involvement in the Langton Patrol.

The plaque was then unveiled at about 12:15 am by Mrs Anthony Pitt-Rivers, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Dorset and she represented the Queen at the event.

A dedication followed by The Reverend Keith Barry, CF who is the Garrison Chaplain at the Armour Centre, Bovington.

Chloe and Sophie White (Great Grandchildren of Auxilier Fred White) then placed some flowers at the foot of the plaque.

The crowd then moved into the nearby Village Hall and had a light lunch and enjoyed the CART display and weapons display by Nick Marshall.

CART’s researchers for Dorset, Devon and Coleshill were in attendance. Nick Marshall from ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ provided an Aux weapons display.

At least 100 people came along including two patrol Dorset Auxiliers. RRV Dowton from Langton Herring Patrol and H.J. Northover (Joined Bradford Peverall HG at 14 – ‘young’ Auxilier who replaced brother in Patrol when he got called up) from Long Bredy Patrol.

See more and watch the full video presentation here

 Posted by CART HQ on October 28, 2012