Nov 282012

At 10 am today Bill Ashby, CART CIO for Coleshill met with the Son and Grandson  (left) of Major Malcolm Hancock MC at Coleshill.

Bill gave them both a full site tour and they walked for the first time in the footsteps of their (Grand) father.

Major Hancock MC was a Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General whilst at Coleshill from November 1944.

He was responsible for seeing that all the Aux units round the whole of the coast were supplied with all their equipment, particularly with the explosives which they were to use. He was very busy in his work.

After the tour they came back to CART HQ and allowed us to scan some very important rare documents which will greatly help with our research.

See more on the Major here

 Posted by CART HQ on November 28, 2012

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  1. Great morning spent at Coleshill, thank you so much for your time. David