Oct 082009

I have had an enquiry from a man called Andy Sturgess and wondered if anyone in the group could help?

It is as follows,

“I am looking to reconstruct a bunker as used by Churchill’s secret army operatives and although having visited one many times as a young lad am not sure of the general dimemsions of the various areas which make up the bunker.

I have always been interested in underground construction and undertaken a little as a builder using modern techniques. However I am keen to construct and equip a secret army OB on the land I own in Dorset to the correct dimensions and construction using the “as used then” materials. Can anyone help me please?
When at school in Beaminster in Dorset I remember visiting many times a bunker on the downs in a wood which looking back was constructed as an OB and manned in WW11 in part by my friends father (the local postman). However i could not find it when i tried a few years back but that could have been down to lost navigational skills ! It was concrete in construction from what i remember with brick entrance and currugated iron tube escape route. Can anyone tell me where it is please? “

If you can help Andy please email him direct on ASTUR46461@aol.com

Please also paste me in as I would like to add the bunker dimensions to our Bunkers Page

 Posted by CART HQ on October 8, 2009