May 032011

It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of one of our CART members and the very knowledgeable Highworth historian, Martin Kender.

Martin was instrumental in the formation of CART offering Tom lots of advice and support from July 2009 onwards. Martin was a military historian with interests in defence policy, strategy and tactics, home defence, (anti aircraft and anti submarine warfare, air defences and air raid precautions, target registration and fire control, fixed defences and fortress and emplacement engineering.)

He had a particular interest in twentieth century defences of southern England and in the Great War in the Eastern Mediterranean. He was the chairman of the Wiltshire Western Front Association.

Martin helped at CART’s July 4th event and was researching his own family Aux Unit connections in Dorset right up to his death.

He was the main organiser and campaigner for the plaque that now honours Mabel Stranks above the door to the old post office in Highworth, without his tireless work it would not be there today.

He leaves a wife and children and will be missed by Highworth residents and historians alike.


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  1. This came as great shock to me as I was unaware that Martin had passed away. I lost contact with him when I moved to Switzerland. I must have known him on and off for more than a decade. He used to come to our seminar series on Holloway Road and I always enjoyed going to dinner with him afterwards. He was a great raconteur and he sent me copies of his writings, which I read with great interest.

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