Mar 262013

Cenotaph-WreathToday marks a very important day for surviving members of the British Resistance movement.

The Royal British Legion confirmed that 12 members of the Auxiliary Units, Special Duties Branch and Scouts can march at the Cenotaph in November at the Remembrance Day Parade.

This campaign was started many years ago by the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation but sadly at that time it did not result in any Auxiliers taking part.

In 2011 this was looked at again by members of CART and after some campaigning by CIO Andy Gwynne and some national press attention the RBL have kindly granted permission for CART to assemble 12 people to march.

A page has been set up with more information so please do bookmark it and check back for updates.

A big thank you to all who wrote in, promoted online and commented via social media. Your support and help now means these brave men and women have the chance to gain the recognition they so desperately deserve.

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