Jun 292011

Today is CART’s second birthday and I am pleased to say we are still going strong with more supporters and info being added daily.

In the last two years CART has

  • Created a network of national researchers all over the UK.
  • Added hundreds of pages of new and uncovered info on the Aux Units to our website.
  • Advised on a feature film about British Resistance.
  • Produced our own Auxiliary Ale.
  • Been able to confirm to over 30 relatives that their loved ones were Aux Unit members.
  • Organised two large events celebrating the Aux Units as well as other trips for members.
  • Produced two DVD’s.
  • Instigated and set up the ‘Coleshill Uncovered‘ project.
  • Set up the ‘Coleshill Reborn‘ project and also investigated the tunnel system under Coleshill House.
  • Secured the rights to print the first autobiography of an Auxilier, ‘Gone to Ground

and much more….

Thank you to all our researchers and members for your support over the last to years. You are what makes this organisation and we thank you for this.

If you would like to show your support please hit the responses tab at the top of this blog and leave us a comment.