Apr 072011

The ongoing project at Coleshill, known as Coleshill Uncovered has now been featured in a Swedish history magazine called ‘Altom Historia’.

You can download and read the article here

Roughly translated it reads as

“In the woods a few miles off London was one of Winston Churchill’s most secret facilities. Here, in Coleshill House trained guerrillas during World War II. Their task was to fight the Germans on the invaded Britain.
The men and women would operate in smaller units in different parts of the country. The name used was an Auxiliary Unit, Reserve unit, but had even named a key role in the defense. It was Churchill himself who gave the order to
the secret army was organized. After the evacuation from Dunkirk 1940 was prime minister convinced that a German invasion was to be expected.

Now the archaeological excavations started on the spot. The aim is to see if you can do findings – or find the whole bases – that is to tie resistance movement.

Surprisingly little is known on the device, perhaps because of its top-secret mission. Many of the volunteers were young people. They were trained, among other things in blowing up railways and fight it against it. Upon arrival at the camp had they know that they were not expected to live longer than fifteen days when the Germans landed in England.”