Jan 112012

We have just added a new patrol page to the site for East Yorkshire’s Bewholme Patrol.

The patrol has been researched by our CIO for Yorkshire, Andy Gwynne.

It contains various information, video and images and can be seen here

Dec 232011

A document has been shown to us which we suspect was created at Coleshill.

It is very insightful and is a detailed guide on discipline in the Operational Base as well as a typical 24 hours operational activity for an Auxilier during the Winter.

A must read for any fan of the Auxiliary Units. You can see the page here. As a special Christmas treat we have also re-created it as a downloadable PDF file.

Dec 202011

We have now added a report by CART member Andy Gwynne to the site.

The Aldbrough Auxiliary Unit from East Yorkshire can be seen here

This is Andy’s first report for CART and he has also created a video on the location.

Andy says he has not seen any images of this patrols OB on the net or any books and suspects that his images are a CART exclusive.

Dec 112011

Dr. Will Ward, CART CIO for Dorset, has provided info on the Came Park Patrol from Dorset.

The patrol’s Operational Base was apparently built by soldiers of the Dorsetshire Regiment stationed in the town, which was the home of the Regimental Depot. This was most unusual but the men were apparently extremely secretive about what they had done, despite the interest of their colleagues.

Read the full report here


Nov 072011

Today we have added info on the Elsham Auxiliary Unit Patrol from Lincolnshire.

Our Norfolk and Suffolk researchers crossed the border to document this location and learn more about the patrol.

You can see their report and the unusual operational base here.



Oct 122011

Our Suffolk and Norfolk researchers recently crossed the border into north-east Lincolnshire and were able to visit a few Auxiliary Unit sites.

The first one of these is the Barton Upon Humber patrol known as ‘Sugarloaf’ Patrol.

You can see their findings on this patrol here. The other locations they went to will be added over the next few weeks.

CART would like to thank John Andrew and others for helping them with this work.

Sep 222011

Norfolk’s Kirby Bedon Aux Unit Patrol have been added to our site.The secret operational base was located in a shed used for storing apple boxes and crates, in one of the extensive orchards adjoining The Grange in the 1940s.  It was accessed through a trapdoor in the floor which opened to a drop-down shaft with rungs serving as a ladder. The main chamber adjoined at the bottom of the shaft, with a short passage leading into it.

You can see all the info on the patrol  here

Aug 222011

CART’s Norfolk CIO, Evelyn Simak and Suffolk CIO, Adrian Pye have been very busy going to locations of patrols around Norfolk.

Today we have added the Blakeney, Calthorpe and North Walsham Auxiliary Unit patrols and their Operational Bases to our site. These can be seen here