Feb 202011

Yesterday some of the Coleshill Uncovered team started to clean, log and photograph the finds from weekend one at Coleshill.

It took about 4 hours and we have processed about 60 items. These vary from a watch strap to a 2 inch mortar.

The final report from the first weekend will be complete in the next few weeks and then hopefully further work can be planned for the site later this year.

You can see some of the images from yesterday below.

Learn more about Coleshill Uncovered here

Mar 152010

Today I added a virtual tour of Coleshill Village here http://www.coleshillhouse.com/coleshill-virtual-tour.php

For those of you who havent been it is a very beautiful place. The tour gives you a really good start and it’s easy to navigate. Have a go!!

If you do go to Coleshill I suggest you drop by the village shop and Tea Rooms. http://coleshillvillageshop.org.uk/