Apr 082010

Alan Watkins at the Halfpenny Brewery at Lechlade has seen a recent appeal for funding made by CART and has come running to the rescue.

He is going to brew a special Ale for CART to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Auxiliary Units.

This will then go on sale all over this area in pubs and local shops as well as online through their website. A small percentage of each bottle or pint sold will be donated to CART to help us go on running.

The bottles will be available to buy at the “Coleshill Remembers – Seventy Years” event on July 4th in our shop located in the Granary on the Coleshill estate as well as in the Radnor Arms in Coleshill.

We have a week to decide the name of the beer…..

I have suggested “Auxilier” but would like more ideas from the group before I let Bob Millard (surviving Auxilier) decide on the final name in a weeks time.

It needs to be 1 or two short words.

Please use this page to discuss and share your ideas for the name.