Feb 062012

Today we added North Uist Auxiliary Unit Patrol to the website. The page was put together by our Scottish CIO, David Blair with some help from Stephen Lewins.

The OB is located near to a cemetery with amazing views.

See the report here

Jan 092012

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of another Auxilier.

Harry Banham worked in the Bath Admiralty. He was in No.4 patrol.

Harry and his son had been working with CART all the way from Canada to build a page on him for the website and they kindly provided some audio. You can see and hear this here

Auxilier Bob Millard helped Harry obtain medals and other Aux related items post war. Bob’s advice and support was invaluable to Harry.

He died peacefully in his sleep aged 96.

We Will Remember Them

Nov 072010

It  is with sadness that Stephen Lewins (CIO for Northumberland) has to report the death of Frank Stamp of Watch Hill, Whalton, Northumberland. He died on November 2nd. Frank was 90 years old and leaves a wife Mary.

Frank was not on the Nominal list for Northumberland but was an Auxilier. Stephen never found out which patrol though he suspects the Ogle Patrol as it was the nearest to his farm. It could have been the Hebron Patrol as he was friends with another former Auxilier W.A.Mitchell of Morpeth (Hebron Patrol).
Frank enlisted in 1939 and was a member of the Middlesex Machine Gun Reg. He was a powerful man even in old age. During his training a leg injury prevented over seas postings so he was put on the Reserve List. Returning to farming in Northumberland he was recruited to Anthony Quayle`s secret army. Demolition was has field, The River Wansbeck bridges were to be his targets.
He continued farming until he was 73. The Joiners Arms pub in Morpeth was his haunt on Wednesdays while the wife did the shopping. Due to him signing the Official Secrets Act he would not talk about his wartime exploits, even three years ago when a book was written about The Joiners Arms pub he would not tell anymore than what we  have listed above.

An Auxilier who took his secrets to the grave but we know what he was prepared to give up for us.

R. I.P Frank Stamp.

Apr 082010

Alan Watkins at the Halfpenny Brewery at Lechlade has seen a recent appeal for funding made by CART and has come running to the rescue.

He is going to brew a special Ale for CART to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Auxiliary Units.

This will then go on sale all over this area in pubs and local shops as well as online through their website. A small percentage of each bottle or pint sold will be donated to CART to help us go on running.

The bottles will be available to buy at the “Coleshill Remembers – Seventy Years” event on July 4th in our shop located in the Granary on the Coleshill estate as well as in the Radnor Arms in Coleshill.

We have a week to decide the name of the beer…..

I have suggested “Auxilier” but would like more ideas from the group before I let Bob Millard (surviving Auxilier) decide on the final name in a weeks time.

It needs to be 1 or two short words.

Please use this page to discuss and share your ideas for the name.

Feb 062010

Today we added info on Firle Patrol from Sussex.

The page shows the OB and a plan as well as a detailed diary of Auxilier Bill Webber near the bottom of the page.

It can be seen here http://www.coleshillhouse.com/firle-auxiliary-unit-and-ob.php

The main info was provided by Stewart Angell and the images by Jim from 28 Days Later