Apr 242013

bbc-oxford-logoToday we have been featured in this weeks Country Life magazine and also our founder gave a radio interview to BBC Radio Oxford.

You can see the magazine article here and listen to the radio interview on our radio page here

Also today we set up a Twitter account for our Press Officer to use. You can follow him @CARTPress.

Aug 142009

Today we filmed an interview for BBC Oxford TV Evening News. We only had two minutes to talk and condensing the history of the Aux Units and Coleshill into that time was tough. The BBC did make some mistakes in what they had researched but the mistakes are worth the coverage we feel.

Straight after filming the Presenter suggested we went on BBC Radio Oxford and we were taken into the radio studios.

Within two minutes Tom was sat in the studio and talking to Bill Heine LIVE.

The interview was a lot longer, about 7 minutes, and allowed Tom to cover all areas of the house etc.

You can see the TV and hear the radio interview here and on our Multimedia Page