May 302014

You can now take a tour of the newish replica Operational Base at GHQ Coleshill thanks to our new video with CART researcher Bill Ashby.

The OB was built thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It is a replica of the existing wartime Operational Base elsewhere on the Estate, that needs protecting.

It has mainly been constructed by volunteers with Coleshill local Roger Green now conducting many of the tours.

See more here

Mar 232014

Porthleven Auxiliary Unit Patrol

Our Devon CIO Nina has just added a patrol report to the site on the Porthleven Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Cornwall.

They gained access to their Operational Base through a break in an old stone wall which was concealed by a hatch which was opened by lifting the attached ivy. This led into a wood lined tunnel 6-7 feet long. There was then a drop down to the more familiar OB structure of a corrugated iron hut approximately 12 x 16 feet. A further wood lined tunnel came off the main body of the OB leading to a smaller area where some of the explosives were stored.

Read the full report here

Sep 082013

Hemyock Special Duties Outstation 5

Today we added a very special location to our Special Duties Branch Micro-site.

The Hemyock SDB Outstation in Devon.

This EXCLUSIVE report by CART CIO’s Nina Hannaford and Dr Will Ward shows just how well preserved the bunker is and the remaining is fascinating.

You can read the full report and see a plan of the space here

Dec 042012

After a short break work has started again on Operation Turnip, CART’s renovation and restoration of an Operational Base in Kent.

CART CIO for Kent Phil Evans and co spent the weekend removing the remaining water from base. This was done manually with buckets.

It was noticed that two of the roof vents were blocked so they will need to dig down and repair these at some point. It was also noted that water level in base when they turned up had not risen at all which is very good news indeed.

View more images and follow progress here

Oct 212012

Bachelor’s Hall in Hundon, Suffolk was the first headquarters of the Special Duties Section or SDS. The top secret communication network set up to allow SDS members to report on German troop movement if we had been invaded.

The report is based primarily on information supplied by Capt Ken Ward (Royal Corps of Signals), the leader of the original TRD design team (interview 10 August 1999) and it can be read here.

Sep 152012

Today at midday Auxilier Bob Millard (Bathampton Patrol) opened the new replica Operational Base at Coleshill.

Bob cut the tape using his original Fairbairn Sykes Fighting knife after delivering a short speech on the Aux Units and the threat of invasion.

The opening of the OB was part of the weekend long celebrations at the site called ‘Coleshill Underground’.

See more on Bob here and the weekend here.

You can see a selection of images from the day here

If you are local and free tomorrow why not pop up.

Look out for the CART historians in yellow tabards and come and say hello.