Mar 152016

Chalke-ValleyWe are very sorry to report that despite being told we could attend The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival again this year, we have now been informed they do not have room for us!!

Seems 100 plus vikings have taken over…

Thank you to all who volunteered for the event and sorry to those who planned to come along and see our stand.

We will now work on attending another event that has the space for us.

Jul 012015

We are pleased to report that our display at the Chalke Valley History Festival went down really well.

We displayed over two days on 27th & 28th June.

The short video below gives you a flavour of what we displayed.

Hundreds of people past through our tent and we obtained many new leads.

Our display was complemented by 5 Aux re-enactors from Yorkshire and Suffolk. They showcased the weapons and explosives issued to Aux patrols and made things go bang twice daily.

Images of the event and more info can be seen here.