Apr 012014
Mabe Auxiliary Unit Patrol 4

Sgt. D Welch, Unknown, maybe Sgt. H Pascoe (Constantine), Ken Welch and maybe Cecil Sims (Perranwell) seen here inspecting Ken Welch’s Webley pistol.

Today we have added a fascinating report to the site on the Mabe Auxiliary Unit in Cornwall.

Mabe Auxiliary Unit Patrol 3Mabe is a parish to the South West of Penryn above the port of Falmouth.

The Aux Units were known for being very clever and disguising their Operational Bases but the Mabe Patrol took it one step further and built theirs into the side of the quarry spoil heap. (See left)

We know that some patrols were tasked with ‘taking out’ Nazi collaborators in the event of invasion but this patrol were tasked to kill an elderly couple who lived near the OB. We can’t imagine how that would have felt!

You can read Nina Hannaford’s detailed report and see some cracking images here



Mar 232014

Porthleven Auxiliary Unit Patrol

Our Devon CIO Nina has just added a patrol report to the site on the Porthleven Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Cornwall.

They gained access to their Operational Base through a break in an old stone wall which was concealed by a hatch which was opened by lifting the attached ivy. This led into a wood lined tunnel 6-7 feet long. There was then a drop down to the more familiar OB structure of a corrugated iron hut approximately 12 x 16 feet. A further wood lined tunnel came off the main body of the OB leading to a smaller area where some of the explosives were stored.

Read the full report here

Mar 182014

Cockburnspath Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1Today we have added the Cockburnspath Patrol to the site as well as others listed below.

This report was a real team effort with members of the public working alongside our experienced researchers to delivery the report.

The following patrol reports have also been added to the site.

St. Dennis Patrol – Cornwall

South Kelsey Patrol – Lincolnshire

Wiston Patrol – Sussex

Small Dole Patrol – Sussex

Mountfield Patrol – Sussex

Thanks to Nina Hannaford, Stephen Lewins, Bill Ashby, James Towill, Simon Walton and David Blair for their hard work getting this info out there for you to read.

If you can add anything to these reports please do contact us. 

Jul 252013

Constantine Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1We have added a patrol report on the Constantine Auxiliary Unit Patrol. Constantine is a compact village but one of the largest parishes in Cornwall, boarded on the South by the Helford River.

Unusually the patrol used a small derelict building as their first Operational Base. OB’s were normally underground.

You can read Nina Hannaford’s full report here

May 142013

Morval Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1Another patrol report in Cornwall is added to the site thanks to Nina Hannaford with approx 18 more to go.

The report is rather sparse but contains the core information that a family member will need to be able to trace and search for their loved one through our search facility.

You can read the report here