Dec 062011

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We have added some info on the Little Leighs patrol in Essex today.

We were contacted by Pat Watkinson a local historian in Essex and were provided with some info that Pat had collected.

You can read more on the patrol here

Aug 092011

We have just added some info on the suspected Havant (East) patrol in Hampshire.

A lot of the info is currently speculative but based on serious research.

You can see the page here and if you can help with any info on this patrol or any in Hampshire please email

Jul 242011

Today we have added info on the Fundenhall Auxiliary Unit and their Operational Base.

This is located in private woodland near Fundenhall in Norfolk.

The info and images have been supplied by CART’s Norfolk CIO, Evelyn Simak and CART ‘s Suffolk CIO, Adrian Pye. You can see and read more on this patrol and their underground Operational Base here