Jul 012015

We are pleased to report that our display at the Chalke Valley History Festival went down really well.

We displayed over two days on 27th & 28th June.

The short video below gives you a flavour of what we displayed.

Hundreds of people past through our tent and we obtained many new leads.

Our display was complemented by 5 Aux re-enactors from Yorkshire and Suffolk. They showcased the weapons and explosives issued to Aux patrols and made things go bang twice daily.

Mar 082015

Fraserburgh Auxiliary Unit 1Today our Scottish CIOS have added three new patrol reports to the site.

The reports give the names of the men involved and other important information.

Site visits are planned in the future.

If you can help with any of their research please contact us.

You can read the patrol reports in Fife here and in Aberdeenshire here

Jun 242011

Today we launched our new interactive multimedia timeline for the Auxiliary Units.

The timeline is a unique way of navigating the history of the Aux Units. It allows you to visually map important Aux events and decisions with general WW2 events. See just how ahead or behind Hitler we really were.

You can also listen to audio relating to some stories, watch video and click through to web links.

The timeline is still fairly new technology and will be developed with new content being added all the time.

Why not have have a play yourself here

Mar 112011

Today we added a really meaty page about the history of the Auxiliary Units. This was provided by Arthur Ward, author of ‘Resisting the Nazi Invader’.

It provides the reader with the background to the formation of the units as well as information on operational training.

Arthur’s book is a really good buy and is full of re-created images of Auxiliers and shots of England,post invasion.

The page we have added can be seen here