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Lucy Fleming, daughter of Peter Fleming who was one of the founding members of the Auxiliary Units, will lead the Remembrance Sunday march.

Lucy Fleming

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We are delighted to announce that Lucy Fleming, daughter of Peter Fleming a key member of the British Resistance or Auxiliary Units, will lead the group of veterans and relatives, who are marching for just the second time past the Cenotaph in November. Lucy is also the niece of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

Peter Fleming was brought in by Colonel Gubbins who was asked by Churchill to set up the first organised resistance force in Europe. Fleming helped to build some of the first OBs in the country, often in genius guises such as enlarged badger sets.

Tom Sykes, founder of the British Resistance Archive said. “To have a member of the Fleming family leading the veterans and relatives of the Auxiliary Units is something very special indeed as Peter was so integral in establishing the patrols throughout the country.

“Last year’s march was incredibly important for us as it was the first time that veterans and relatives of the Auxiliary Units had marched. Although they have never been officially recognised by the Government, it represented a chance for the public to finally recognise the bravery of these civilian volunteers. To be accepted for a second year is fantastic and to have Lucy leading will, I know, be a great honour for all those involved.”

Lucy Fleming is an actress and also helps to run Ian Fleming Publications. Her father was a renowned author and explorer who was head of D (Deception) Division later in the war. Lucy says: “It is a huge honour to be leading this group of remarkable veterans and relatives. Had the worst happened in the uncertain days of 1940 these men and women would have put everything at risk to protect their country, which is a commitment that should never be forgotten.”

To hear more about the Auxiliary Units or the Cenotaph march please see here.

If you are a former Auxiliary Unit member or relative who wishes to march please contact

Sep 042013
Dalby Hall. © This image is copyright.

Dalby Hall. © This image is copyright.

We have added some information on Dalby Hall to the site.

Dalby Hall near Spilsby was chosen as it was a quiet location for training.

Stephen Lewins, our CIO for Northumberland kindly provided the info.

The house is now rumoured to be owned by James Bond actor, Daniel Craig.

Nov 132011

We have recently been made aware of a possible reference to the SDS or Aux Units in Ian Fleming’s short story ‘From a View To A Kill’. He describes Bond in a wooded area as a group of guys emerge from an underground base. The entrance hidden in a tree. He then talk about how the three men practise walking silently.
We know that Ian went to see his brother Peter at the Garth and must have learnt a fair bit about what was going on. Could he be referring to it in this book? You can read it for yourself in “For Your Eyes Only” from page 22 onwards.