Mar 182014

Cockburnspath Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1Today we have added the Cockburnspath Patrol to the site as well as others listed below.

This report was a real team effort with members of the public working alongside our experienced researchers to delivery the report.

The following patrol reports have also been added to the site.

St. Dennis Patrol – Cornwall

South Kelsey Patrol – Lincolnshire

Wiston Patrol – Sussex

Small Dole Patrol – Sussex

Mountfield Patrol – Sussex

Thanks to Nina Hannaford, Stephen Lewins, Bill Ashby, James Towill, Simon Walton and David Blair for their hard work getting this info out there for you to read.

If you can add anything to these reports please do contact us. 

Feb 162014
Cecil ThornalleyCecil Thornalley (seated right)

Cecil Thornalley, former Auxilier with the Dalby Patrol (3A) in Lincolnshire sadly died at 2.30pm on 13th February 2014.

During the war, Farmer Cecil Thornalley, was just 20 years old and like many young men in his circumstances, had rushed to join the Home Guard.

He was recruited into Aux Units by Capt Hamilton-Hill (later SOE) who made his Lincolnshire HQ at Dalby Hall, now home to James Bond (Daniel Craig)

Cecil was the Patrol Corporal and his elder brother George was Sergeant.

Cecil features a lot in Mark Sansom’s great book on the Lincolnshire Aux Units. Cecil enjoyed driving and walking around Lincolnshire hunting for OBs with the late Eddie Welberry and Mark S. There was one OB that had become part of a large badger sett that Cecil simply dare not go in!

In later life Cecil and his wife Lucy lived in Woodhall Spa, close to the W.S. Golf Club where Tony Jacklin first made his name. Cecil had been in the nursing home next door to home for some years and so Lucy was able to visit him regularly. But before this Cecil usually spent part of his day playing snooker in the Conservative Club with a beer not far away.

Cecil was nearly 94 years of age.

We will remember them…….

(Our thanks to Tim Wray for informing us of this sad news and providing most of the information above.)

Sep 042013
Dalby Hall. © This image is copyright.

Dalby Hall. © This image is copyright.

We have added some information on Dalby Hall to the site.

Dalby Hall near Spilsby was chosen as it was a quiet location for training.

Stephen Lewins, our CIO for Northumberland kindly provided the info.

The house is now rumoured to be owned by James Bond actor, Daniel Craig.

Aug 162012

Our Norfolk CIO, Evelyn Simak and Suffolk CIO Adrian Pye have supplied the following report on Lincolnshire’s Tilney St.Lawrence (Patrol 7A) Auxiliary Unit Patrol.

They have also added detailed information of an Operational Base which is located within this patrols operational area and they believe it belonged to them.

See the full report here

Aug 142012

Grasby Patrol or Patrol 2B as they were known have been added to our website along with info of their Operational bunker.

See the full report here

Thanks to Roger Green and Andy Gwynne for their hard work on this.

Jun 222012

Today we have added Lincolnshire’s Wold Newton Auxiliary Unit Patrol to the site.

The site was visited by our Yorkshire CIO, Andy Gwynne.

Whilst Andy was able to document the Operational Base sadly he was unable confirm the Unit Members due to the system used within Lincolnshire of using Numerical and Alphabetical code for their OB’s. Future Research will allow for the Members to be identified.

You can see the full report and VIDEO here

Nov 072011

Today we have added info on the Elsham Auxiliary Unit Patrol from Lincolnshire.

Our Norfolk and Suffolk researchers crossed the border to document this location and learn more about the patrol.

You can see their report and the unusual operational base here.



Oct 122011

Another patrol in Lincolnshire has just been added. This time Worlaby patrol, located on the western edge of the Wolds near Brigg.

The Operational Base located is one of 15 Lincolnshire OBs that were built by John Sheffield of Scunthorpe with Royal Engineers labouring. It was constructed from prefabricated concrete  panels that were bolted together. Breezeblocks were used for building end walls, ammo store and entrance and exit passages.

CART CIO’s Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye conducted the visit in late September and have produced a report which can be seen here.

Oct 122011

Our Suffolk and Norfolk researchers recently crossed the border into north-east Lincolnshire and were able to visit a few Auxiliary Unit sites.

The first one of these is the Barton Upon Humber patrol known as ‘Sugarloaf’ Patrol.

You can see their findings on this patrol here. The other locations they went to will be added over the next few weeks.

CART would like to thank John Andrew and others for helping them with this work.