Apr 012014
Mabe Auxiliary Unit Patrol 4

Sgt. D Welch, Unknown, maybe Sgt. H Pascoe (Constantine), Ken Welch and maybe Cecil Sims (Perranwell) seen here inspecting Ken Welch’s Webley pistol.

Today we have added a fascinating report to the site on the Mabe Auxiliary Unit in Cornwall.

Mabe Auxiliary Unit Patrol 3Mabe is a parish to the South West of Penryn above the port of Falmouth.

The Aux Units were known for being very clever and disguising their Operational Bases but the Mabe Patrol took it one step further and built theirs into the side of the quarry spoil heap. (See left)

We know that some patrols were tasked with ‘taking out’ Nazi collaborators in the event of invasion but this patrol were tasked to kill an elderly couple who lived near the OB. We can’t imagine how that would have felt!

You can read Nina Hannaford’s detailed report and see some cracking images here