Oct 092013

We have plotted all the known Auxiliary Unit patrols and their bases and added them to our site. 

MapFor the first time a map showing the regional breakdown of all known patrols, operational bases and observation posts of the secret British resistance is available to the public.

We have gathered our comprehensive records and patrol reports to plot all the known groups across the UK.

We felt that the clearest way for the public to identify patrols of interest to them was to plot them onto an interactive map.

The highly secret nature of the units means that it is highly unlikely that a map with this much detail has ever existed – so it really is a very special resource indeed.

The map shows all those patrols we currently know about, but we are getting in new information all of the time.

If anyone has further information about the identified patrols, or believes that there are some locations missing, then we would urge them to come forward!

We plan to update all the county pages with a smaller regional map in the near future.