Sep 102013

cart-logo_webToday CART membership opens for 2014.

In the last 12 months the membership fee has helped with outreach and the day to day running costs of our organisation.

Our volunteers and researchers are never paid for the work they do nor do they claim any expenses.

It costs many thousands of pounds to keep CART running each year and we have no funding or financial support.

This year we have a range of exciting additional member discounts from other organisations. Taking up just one of these offers once could pay for nearly all of a standard yearly membership fee.

We have also frozen the cost of membership for another year.

If you feel you would like to support us please choose from one of the following to renew your membership here 

We also have joint membership so if you plan to bring along partners to events etc please make sure you sign up to this.

Jan 282011

Today CART has launched its own research sharing resource.

Working with, CART will now be able to share all its core research material with its other researchers around the UK.

Glasscubes is the most advanced collaboration and project management tool on the market and ensures all CART’s material is backed up daily using a 256 bit encryption server.

Nearly all types of file can be shared and each CART member will upload their own data to the site which they manage once it is online. They can dictate the sharing rights and can remove the file at anytime.

More info can be found on the file share page within the members only area on this site.