Jul 142011

Today we launched our CART Hub.

Our members and researchers have many articles collected over the years and until now there has never been no easy way to share them with others.

CART has teamed up with 4Shared and set up a hosting platform for a these documents.

CART members are now able to access these files and also add their own to a variety of folders predefined by CART.

4Shared also have a FREE app which can be downloaded for most of the main smart phones so you can even access the data on the go!

To access this growing archive please sign into the members only website or join CART here.

Jan 262010
20th February 2010
A Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (C.A.R.T) organised trip to
The National Archives
We are off to do some research, fancy coming with us? We are going to look at some of the nominal rolls and other Auxiliary related paperwork at Kew.If you want to join us please email us. You will need ID to come along. See here