Dec 172013

Research has uncovered that the Western Morning News, a local paper in the Devon area, exposed and outed the Auxiliary Units just 17 months after they had been stood down!

Western Morning News 1945

Just one month later the same paper published an interview by an un-named Auxilier (see below). This is fairly shocking as nearly all Auxiliers signed the Official Secrets Act which prevented them from speaking to anyone about their role, needless to say some took this more seriously than others.

The general secrecy of Aux Units during the war varied around the country with some counties being far more relaxed than others.

Western Morning News Aux Interview

But this was not the first public exposure.

In April 1945 The Times on Saturday published an article called ‘A Britain’s Secret “Underground” Invasion Spy Force Stood Down’.


If you know of any other press from this time that talks about the British Resistance please do let us know.

May 102011

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Feb 112011

In July last year we helped organise an event at Coleshill to mark the 70th anniversary of the Auxiliary Units.

At the time a young lady called Emma Colman was walking around quietly with a microphone interviewing people.

She was putting together a lasting audio memory of the day which she very kindly has said we can now play on the site. You can hear this amazing piece of work here and if you attended, you might even be on the tape.

Our thanks go to Emma for allowing us to showcase her work.