Mar 162012

Last week we added a report on the Aylsham Special Duties Out-Station in Norfolk.

The Out-Station used to be located in a large town house called ‘The Beeches’, in the historic market town of Aylsham (North Norfolk). The property was owned by Dr Alec George Holman and his wife Grace Kathleen. Their daughter, Jill (now Jill Monk, seen left), recalls that her father was one of the first civilians to be recruited by SDS to gather information because of his local knowledge. Jill was only 14 years old when she was enrolled.

You can see the full report here

Feb 272012

Today we have added an exclusive report on the Fakenham Auxiliary Unit Patrol from Norfolk. You can see the report here

Our researchers were given exclusive access to the site by the landowner the 8th Marquess Townshend.

Initial research on patrols in Norfolk is almost complete with nearly all the known units documented on the site.

We hope that now we have a web presence for most of the patrols that this will trigger memories and people will come forward with more info.

Nov 222011

Norfolk’s Stoke Holy Cross Patrol has just been added to the site by our CIO’s for Norfolk and Suffolk.

Sadly the operational base has long since gone but our team have managed to obtain some good research and images of where it was located.

See it here

Oct 052011

Today we have also added info on the Aylsham Auxiliary Unit to our site.

The land where the OB is located is owned by the National Trust and CART has been invited to join in with an excavation plan as advisers and also to record any future activities, which are scheduled to commence sometime next spring.

See it all here

Sep 222011

Norfolk’s Kirby Bedon Aux Unit Patrol have been added to our site.The secret operational base was located in a shed used for storing apple boxes and crates, in one of the extensive orchards adjoining The Grange in the 1940s.  It was accessed through a trapdoor in the floor which opened to a drop-down shaft with rungs serving as a ladder. The main chamber adjoined at the bottom of the shaft, with a short passage leading into it.

You can see all the info on the patrol  here

Sep 202011

Tonight we have added the Mintlyn and Gayton Auxiliary Unit patrols in Norfolk to the site.

Sadly neither Operational base still survives for these patrols but our researchers Evelyn and Adrian have been to the remains and have produced the reports for the site.

You can see them here