Feb 022016

In Grievous TimesA new fictitious novel inspired by Auxiliary Unit research in Sussex.

M. H. Lowe’s In Grievous Times takes the reader to the heart of English country village life at a turning point in Britain’s history: the era of evacuees and air raids, sudden death from the skies and the expectation for every man and woman to do their patriotic duty. When Clement, a country vicar, is summoned to London by an old friend to be involved in a covert “suicide mission” to thwart the impending German invasion, his world changes forever. Priorities shift and every aspect of his life is called into question as he is forced to make choices that affect a great many lives. And when members of his secret, carefully-chosen team are one by one discovered dead, Clement finds himself at the centre of a far more complex situation than he had realised…

The drama and intrigue of In Grievous Times, played out against a seemingly innocent rustic backdrop with superb characterisation, keep the reader hungry throughout for the next piece of the puzzle. A riveting read.

The book is available in hardback or paperback.

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Dec 012014

James Bond Writers to Adapt Len Deighton Novel ‘SS-GB’ for BBC

[Source: Variety.com]

ssgbThe BBC has commissioned Robert Wade and Neal Purvis, the writers of the last five James Bond films, to adapt Len Deighton’s novel “SS-GB.”

The series for flagship channel BBC One comprises five one-hour episodes. It is set in an imaginary Britain controlled by the Nazis, if Germany had occupied the country. It centers on a police detective caught between the Nazis and the British resistance.

Sid Gentle Films, whose creative director is former Carnival Films exec Sally Woodward Gentle, is exec producing with Lee Morris.

It is part of a slate of projects to be unveiled later today by BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson.

Jun 102011

An autobiographical novel set in Duns, Scotland. The Nazi’s have invaded Britain.

Bill Watson has brought this story alive and paints a vivid picture with a true depiction of life during those dark uncertain times under occupation, especially as he personally experienced a similar kind of harsh imprisonment as a prisoner of war in Germany.

This story is set in and around the Scottish Border town of Duns, where Bill was born and brought up, an area that had its fair share of Auxiliary Unit patrols all along the Scottish Borders which were located at strategic road and rail links. In the face of overwhelming odds and faced with a long brutal occupation they were prepared to give the ultimate sacrifice. Bill completed the manuscript in April 2004 which included a dedication to his late wife, Betty. Bill’s dream was to have it published one day, sadly Bill died in November 2004, aged 80 and his work remained unpublished.

In 2011 the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART) a national team of Auxiliary Unit researchers, learned that Bill Watson was in fact an Auxilier with Duns Patrol. They managed to obtained the rights to publish the book from Bill’s son.

Now is the time to tell that story……………….

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May 052011

Owen Sheers will be giving a talk at the Hay Festival on Monday 30 May 2011, 9am. The venue is Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage

Owen Sheers, the novelist, CART member and screenwriter previews clips from the counterfactual film of the novel Resistance, launched in Wales two years ago – a thriller set up in the Olchon Valley above Hay during the Nazi occupation of Britain.

CART advised on this film and parts of it focus on an Auxiliary Unit.

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