Jun 052011

We are now selling SOE/OSS MD1 No2 Mk II Pressure Switchs in our shop.

These are a hand crafted museum quality replicas made to the exact specification of the original.

The base is made from mild steel, the housing and pressure plate is made from brass and the internals from mild steel.

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Jan 032011

We are now selling Pressure Switches on our shop page.

These booby trap pressure switches were found with many other SOE-OSS items in a dump in the UK and is very similar to the ones used by the Aux Units.  It was most likely a secret stash
intended for the home guard under supervision of the SOE-OSS should the UK get invaded.  The dump has had a fire at some time, maybe an attempt to dispose of them or from an air raid ?

Comes complete with the original holding pin and each item has been cleaned and re painted. The actual item may differ very slightly from the one advertised.

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