Jan 122012

Today marks a very special day for CART.

In November 2010 CART CIO for Coleshill, Bill Ashby, a retired Halcrow Engineer teamed up with fellow CART member Ian Edwards.  Bill and Ian were soon formulating a plan to digitise the little information that was then available of Coleshill House and the outbuildings.

Using historical photos and a few basic drawings they have produced a set of drawings of the house, Stable Block and Clockhouse. The intention is to create a full 3D video walk through of the exterior and interior.

Ian has also created some visualisations of the site and inside of the house using AutoCAD, Sketch-up and 3D StudioMax software.

See a video presentation of the plans and more here


Nov 282011

We have just set up two dates next year for CART members to have a complete tour of the Coleshill estate in Oxfordshire.

The land owner is the National Trust and they have kindly granted us access. They also offer around 5 tours each year but as you would expect they are not as detailed as ours.

The dates are Saturday March 10th and Saturday 6th October. Places are limited. If you would like to attend please email hq@coleshillhouse.com with your preferred date asap.

You can take a virtual tour of the site here.

More info to follow in the new year.

Oct 222011

It has taken sometime but all the finds images from Coleshill Uncovered are now available to view on the Coleshill Uncovered website.

Please have a look through them and if you can identify any unknown items please let us know.

The full report from the week is due in early 2012. There are currently no plans for future work on site.

Jun 272011

A group of rare images of Coleshill House have recently been shown to us by the Pleydell-Bouverie family.

One of these images shows servicemen in the grounds of the Coleshill estate.

The pictures have been kindly donated by Rupert Pleydell-Bouverie and allow our researchers to learn more of the secret wartime headquarters.

The pictures appear on various pages of our tour of the Coleshill estate here and we have also added a few below.

Please note: These images are copyright to the Pleydell-Bouverie family and must not be copied or used without their express permission.

Jun 052011

Yesterday teams from CART and Subterranea Britannica explored the water tunnels and the cellars next to the remains of Coleshill House.

Work started at 9 am and ran till 4pm and 8 people in total took part. The purpose of the work was two fold. Firstly CART wanted to see if the cellars were used for anything during the war and they also needed to measure the complete area for their Reborn project.

Secondly Sub Brit wanted to explore the water mines and also make an assessment on their condition for the landowners, the National Trust.

Both organisations had a great day. Images and video from the day can be seen here


May 232011





After the success of the evaluation weekend work at Coleshill the National Trust has now been given the green light to stage two.

This is due to happen from Sunday 2nd July to Thursday 7th July at the Coleshill estate on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border.

In January 2011 the evaluation weekend (Stage One) located the remains of structures that were previously unknown, as well as discovering many finds including a very well preserved bayonet.

In Stage Two the team plan to re-visit the concrete bases that were previously cleared and will add trenches next to the structures, which will hopefully provide them with either further information about the construction of the original buildings.

Other remains like the suspected ‘Generator Base’ and military vehicle servicing ramp will be cleared of vegetation so they can build a clearer picture of their uses.

During Stage One, a number of strong signals were logged from both metal detecting and geophysics that the team plan to follow-up on.  Some small test trenches may be put in to further investigate these.

The Coleshill Uncovered team are looking for volunteers to help search for further evidence of the headquarters and training grounds of Churchill’s secret Auxiliary Units.

Anyone over 18 years of age can participate and no experience of archaeology is needed. As the project has no funding the organisers have to charge a fee of £75 per person and this will cover you for the week.

For more info and terms of involvement please go to  www.coleshilluncovered.co.uk

May 182011

© CART. All rights reserved.

CART researcher Ian Edwards has spent the last six months working on the Coleshill House Reborn project.

His ultimate goal is to deliver a photo realistic video walk through of Coleshill House which sadly burnt down in 1952.

Ian has already designed full CAD drawings of the house and outbuildings and is now working on images and video of the inside of the house.

You can see some of his work here

Keep your eyes on our site and this news page for my info.


Apr 102011

Today the world famous record producer, Sir George Martin, opened his grand gardens to the public in Coleshill.

It allowed the public a rare glimpse into the grounds of The Old Rectory and was opened as part of the National Garden Scheme.

Images of the amazing grounds, taken by CART founder Tom Sykes, can be seen here. 

If Sir George ever reads this blog, thank you so much for access into your most beautiful garden.

Feb 202011

Yesterday some of the Coleshill Uncovered team started to clean, log and photograph the finds from weekend one at Coleshill.

It took about 4 hours and we have processed about 60 items. These vary from a watch strap to a 2 inch mortar.

The final report from the first weekend will be complete in the next few weeks and then hopefully further work can be planned for the site later this year.

You can see some of the images from yesterday below.

Learn more about Coleshill Uncovered here