Apr 092021

What if the Battle of Britain had not been a success? What was the plan had the Nazis successfully crossed the channel?

Museum Curator Chris Pratt talks to the HistoryHit folk. Chris packs a lot into 30 mins. Well worth a listen: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/britains-secret-army-the-resistance/id1526490428?i=1000516365466

The Museum at Parham is planning to re-open on Sunday 23rd May: www.parhamairfieldmuseum.co.uk/british-resistance-organisation/

Jan 122016

Lord & Lady Ironside. July 2004. (Parham Collection)

Lord & Lady Ironside. July 2004. (Parham Collection)

Audrey, Lady Ironside, died on 3rd December 2015. Her funeral was held at The Church of St Andrew, Hingham, on Thursday 17th December. For some 10 years, she had been a patron of Parham Airfield Museum, with a notable interest in the Museum of the British Resistance Organisation.

She was a grand-daughter of Lady Kinloss and in 1950, she was married to Edmund, 2nd Baron Ironside, who survives and remains a patron of the museum.

Much of her later years was devoted to the foundation of Radiotherapy Action Group Exposure (RAGE), a charity dedicated to oversee the interests of women who suffered excessive radiation during treatment for cancer.

Lord Ironside, himself, also has a special interest in the GHQ Auxiliary Units, as a result of his father’s – the late Field Marshall Lord Ironside – career in parallel, but senior to, Colin McVean Gubbins, from as early as 1917 when they served together in the North Russian campaign. It is also most probable that it was the Field Marshal himself who, in 1940, placed before Winston Churchill Gubbins’ ideas for the Auxiliary units.

Our sympathy is sent to Lord Ironside and their son and daughter at this sad time.

Donations may be sent to the Church of St Andrew at Hingham.

Obituary kindly supplied by Chris Pratt and written by John Warwicker OBE.