Jul 272018

Jim Gascoyne is the son of an Auxilier & an ATS “secret sweetie” Special Duties operator. Jim has marched with Auxiliary veterans at the Cenotaph in memory of the Auxiliary Units.

The talk is at Willesborough Windmill TN24 0QG, 18.45 for 19.30 start. Guaranteed to be an excellent evening!

Read about Golding Zero Station

Apr 232018
Our Devon and Somerset researchers have met up with a couple connected to the fabulous Cobbaton Combat Collection (here).

“We investigated possible OB sites around Shirwell in North Devon. We still need some confirmation, so if there are any family members out there who can point us in the right direction or confirm what we have found please contact us (here).
After a great lunch (we are civilised researchers!) we moved onto Bideford.
Sadly we couldn’t find anyone to get permission to access one recorded possible OB site. That will have to wait for another day.
We went to a couple of sites where bomb stores were recorded. Perfect distance from the OB for different targets. One site has now been built on and the other is sadly a wood full of rubbish !
An Auxiliers daughter told us that explosives were also stored under the floor of the ‘Old Mission Chapel’. We found that in a bit of a sorry state but again perfect distance from the recorded OB.
A good wander around the area gave us a real feel for the Patrol movements and targets. A great day out !”

Sep 272014
Mawgan Porth The OB is thought to have been located in a quarry in the top far right of the wood.

Mawgan Porth – The bunker is thought to have been located in a quarry in the top far right of the wood.

Today we have added a patrol report on the St.Mawgan Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Cornwall.

The patrol is thought to have been made up of six members and. Their training meetings took place in two caravans located at Tolcarne Farm.

You can read the full report here

Mar 232014

Don HandscombeToday we have added a full patrol report on the Thundersley Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Essex.

The membership of the Thundersley patrol has a complex history with many members, though it appears that some were discharged as not coming up to the mark, using the “returned to unit” process also adopted by the SAS and other elite units.

Thanks to Auxilier Don Handscombe for the help given to Dr Will Ward when he was researching the patrol.

You can read the full report here 


Jan 022014

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