Apr 052012

We have just added information on the Ipswich II Auxiliary Unit patrol from Suffolk to the site.

The OB has sadly long gone. Apart from patrol leader Sgt Neville G Palmer in the centre, front row of the picture, they don’t know who is who in the photo and would be grateful to hear from anybody who can put names on the other men. The report, by our CIO’s Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

See the full page here

Nov 302011

Both the DOB database and the BRO Museum at Parham, give the location of this patrol’s OB as being in a vineyard although their grid references differ by several hundred metres, covering two different vineyards in this area.  The OB is in neither of them.

CART’s researchers for Norfolk and Suffolk have jointly located it and they offer us this report.

Nov 302011

Our Suffolk and Norfolk researchers have added a page of info on the Dallinghoo Auxiliary Unit patrol. They were also referred to as Pettistree Patrol and Bredfield Patrol.

Sadly the OB has since been filled in but their info is interesting never the less. See more here

Sep 222011

Norfolk’s Kirby Bedon Aux Unit Patrol have been added to our site.The secret operational base was located in a shed used for storing apple boxes and crates, in one of the extensive orchards adjoining The Grange in the 1940s.  It was accessed through a trapdoor in the floor which opened to a drop-down shaft with rungs serving as a ladder. The main chamber adjoined at the bottom of the shaft, with a short passage leading into it.

You can see all the info on the patrol  here

Aug 222011

We have added Fritton – St Olaves & Somerleyton / Fritton Lake Patrols to our site.

They are located in Norfolk.

The info and images have been supplied by CART’s Norfolk CIO, Evelyn Simak and CART ‘s Suffolk CIO, Adrian Pye. You can see and read more on these patrols and their underground Operational Bases here

Jul 162011

Today we added information on the Sibton Auxiliary Unit patrol and their Operational Base.

Sibton is a small village in Suffolk and our CIO (County Information Officer) Evelyn Simak and CART member Adrian Pye have now completed their investigation of the Sibton Auxiliary Unit.

The full information can be seen here