Jan 122013

Going To Ground Radio Play

The Radio 4 drama “Going to Ground” by Simon Passmore which was first broadcast on July 10th 2010, can now be enjoyed again until Friday 18th January at 10pm.

Well worth listening to.


1940, Kent. England is on full alert in anticipation of a German invasion. As church bells sound the alarm, a secret resistance unit springs into action. Whatever happens, none of them expects to see their families again.

Shrubb ….. Ivan Kaye
Turle ….. Anthony Flanagan
Pye ….. Rupert Evans
Jarvis ….. Guy Henry
Davie ….. Joshua Jenkin
Ann ….. Alison Pettitt
Lucy Pye ….. Christine Kavanagh
Station Master ….. Sam Dale

Directed by Toby Swift


This wartime drama features the exploits of an English guerrilla unit trained to make things as difficult as possible for the German invasion force.

The existence of the covert Auxiliary Units during World War II only became widely known in the 1990s. They were patrols of 4 to 8 men with orders to disappear as soon as the bells sounded. Southern England was dotted with dozens of secret underground bunkers which served as their bases. Trained and equipped with the best guerrilla weapons available, their orders were to sabotage and snipe at the invading army; to gather information on troop movements. Completely cut off by design, they operated in total secrecy and isolation. Their life expectancy was calculated officially at 14 days. (Source: BBC Website) 

Jan 282010

Not sure if your a Radio 4 listener but one of our Members notified me that on “Questions, Questions” today they were going to talk all about the Aux Units.

And sure enough they did. John Warwicker was interviewed and shared his normal conspiracy theories and a family member of a welsh Auxilier was interviewed at an OB.

You can listen to the full interview here http://www.coleshillhouse.com/welsh-auxiliary-units-and-obs.php

Read Sallie’s full story here