Jan 302012

Abergavenny Museum have produced a 16 page booklet to accompany their exhibition on ‘The British Resistance In Wales’.

Reading the booklet is a good way to learn the basics about the Auxiliary units and understand more about the Welsh resistance.

A PDF (electronic version) of the booklet can now be purchased for £2 here. £1 of this goes directly back to the museum which is a charity.

Once you have bought the booklet using Paypal or any credit or debit card, you will automatically be re-directed to a page where the PDF can be downloaded.

Nov 262011

Robert Hardman writes a great article about the British Resistance in today’s Daily Mail.

He interviewed our Welsh researcher, Sallie Mogford at the Langstone Patrol’s OB and also went to the reconstructed OB at Usk castle for the images in the piece.He also talks about the film ‘Resistance‘ which was released in selected cinemas yesterday.

You can read his full article in the paper today or an online version here

Sep 012011

Last month we spent some time making a short film for Abergavenny Museum.

This involved filming in Langstone with re-enactors and Sallie Mogford, Grandaughter of Les Bulley, an Auxilier with Jonah Patrol.

The final film can be seen below. Please do go along to the exhibition at the museum from September 17th. You can read more about the Welsh patrols here

Jan 282010

Not sure if your a Radio 4 listener but one of our Members notified me that on “Questions, Questions” today they were going to talk all about the Aux Units.

And sure enough they did. John Warwicker was interviewed and shared his normal conspiracy theories and a family member of a welsh Auxilier was interviewed at an OB.

You can listen to the full interview here http://www.coleshillhouse.com/welsh-auxiliary-units-and-obs.php

Read Sallie’s full story here

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