Apr 052012

We have just added information on the Ipswich II Auxiliary Unit patrol from Suffolk to the site.

The OB has sadly long gone. Apart from patrol leader Sgt Neville G Palmer in the centre, front row of the picture, they don’t know who is who in the photo and would be grateful to hear from anybody who can put names on the other men. The report, by our CIO’s Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye.

See the full page here

Mar 162012

Today we have added a report on the Easton Park / Glevering Auxiliary Unit Patrol in Suffolk.

The patrol was sometimes also referred to as Glevering Patrol, presumably because the patrol leader and several members came from Glevering, a hamlet located a couple of miles south-east of Easton.  The patrol formed part of Framlingham Group (8th Bn/Framlingham GHQ 202 Bn Home Guard Reserve) The image shows an old map of  the park area.

You can read the full report here

Feb 102012

Our researchers for Suffolk and Norfolk have today published a report on the site about an Operational Base in Suffolk near Hasketon Hall.

Despite a huge amount of research they have been unable to tie it to a specific patrol. Can you help?

See the full report here

Jan 302012

Another great patrol report from our Norfolk and Suffolk CIO’s. This patrol is also referred to as Capel St Mary Patrol but everybody involved knew it as Wenham Patrol.

It formed part of Ipswich Group (Group No 5 Suffolk)

Read more on the patrol and its secret underground HQ bunker here

Dec 132011

Today we have added Suffolk’s Woodbridge Auxiliary Unit patrol to the site.

Woodbridge Patrol was also known as Melton Park Patrol. The patrol formed part of Woodbridge Group which also included

Nacton patrol, Debach (aka Clopton & Otley) patrol, Dalinghoo (aka Pettistree and Bredfield) patrol, Eyke patrol and Great Bealings patrol

The tree in the picture left was used as an Observation Post for the patrol.

Read the full report here

Nov 302011

Both the DOB database and the BRO Museum at Parham, give the location of this patrol’s OB as being in a vineyard although their grid references differ by several hundred metres, covering two different vineyards in this area.  The OB is in neither of them.

CART’s researchers for Norfolk and Suffolk have jointly located it and they offer us this report.