Feb 022016

In Grievous TimesA new fictitious novel inspired by Auxiliary Unit research in Sussex.

M. H. Lowe’s In Grievous Times takes the reader to the heart of English country village life at a turning point in Britain’s history: the era of evacuees and air raids, sudden death from the skies and the expectation for every man and woman to do their patriotic duty. When Clement, a country vicar, is summoned to London by an old friend to be involved in a covert “suicide mission” to thwart the impending German invasion, his world changes forever. Priorities shift and every aspect of his life is called into question as he is forced to make choices that affect a great many lives. And when members of his secret, carefully-chosen team are one by one discovered dead, Clement finds himself at the centre of a far more complex situation than he had realised…

The drama and intrigue of In Grievous Times, played out against a seemingly innocent rustic backdrop with superb characterisation, keep the reader hungry throughout for the next piece of the puzzle. A riveting read, available in hardback or paperback.

Mar 182014

Cockburnspath Auxiliary Unit Patrol 1Today we have added the Cockburnspath Patrol to the site as well as others listed below.

This report was a real team effort with members of the public working alongside our experienced researchers to delivery the report.

The following patrol reports have also been added to the site.

St. Dennis Patrol – Cornwall

South Kelsey Patrol – Lincolnshire

Wiston Patrol – Sussex

Small Dole Patrol – Sussex

Mountfield Patrol – Sussex

Thanks to Nina Hannaford, Stephen Lewins, Bill Ashby, James Towill, Simon Walton and David Blair for their hard work getting this info out there for you to read.

If you can add anything to these reports please do contact us. 

Apr 202013

Admiralty Officers - BathWe have now added a new patrol report by our Sussex CIO Stewart Angell on the West Stoke Patrol. The report contains a very rare image of an Observation Post (OP) and can be seen here

We have also added a new patrol report in Somerset by Nina Hannaford, CIO for Devon, on Admiralty 2 Patrol at Langridge. This can be seen here 


Feb 082013

Abbot's Wood Patrol OP RemainsToday we have added a patrol report on the Abbot’s Wood Patrol by Stewart Angell.
Not only has Stewart located the site of the Operational Base but he has also found the site of the Observation Post (see image) nearby. Whilst many patrols had these small manned posts, finding one to photograph is very rare.

Mar 132011

The event that CART held at Tottington Manor yesterday went without a hitch.

Tottington Manor was the regional headquarters for the Sussex Auxiliary Units.

The staff at the Manor were great hosts and provided a filling meal for the 50 guests.

Main guest of honor was Capt Ian Benson, a former Sussex Intelligence Officer and commander of the Manor during the War. Capt Benson, see image left, flew over from Ireland for the event.

CART is considering holding another larger event at the Manor next year.

You can see images from the day and more info here

Oct 262010

Bill Ashby has kindly donated these images of his father Lieutenant W. Ashby digging a Operational base somewhere in Sussex.

As far as CART knows, these are the only known pictures of an OB being built.